American Horror Story does a lot of things well. The gore, the characters, the locations, the storytelling. But the thing it does best is, and always has been the unexpected twists.

This was the episode we got to the twist, Killer Queens. Though I’m sure it’s not the last one of the season. 

The episode begins on a high note. Ann has Dr. Arden at gunpoint. She’s shot him already, which felt great to see. It looks like a moment of victory for her. Especially when Sister Jude comes to her, hoping that they can work together. 

Sister Jude is working to get rid of Dr. Arden. She believes that Ann might be right. that Arden came to America as a part of Operation Paper Clip after the war. That he is, absolutely, a Nazi. 

Of course, Ann doesn’t know who she is, so she’s not one to be trusted. Ann’s husband arrives and explains that his wife’s name is Charlotte. They have a family, and he wants her to come home.

She doesn’t seem too keen on the idea, to be honest. Something doesn’t feel right there. 

With her gone, there’s nothing to stop Dr. Arden from getting rid of Sister Jude. This is a great concern for everyone in Briarcliff. Because Sister Jude is cruel. She’s hard, evil, racist, and loves to cause pain. But she also, in her twisted way, cares about her charges. And up until now, she’s been the only thing standing in the way of Dr. Arden’s experiments. 

A lot of characters left the asylum in this episode. Sister Jude left her habit behind and walked away. Kit is being dragged off to prison, though he’d probably like to stay. Shelly escaped to terrorize a schoolyard full of children. And Lana left with Dr. Thredson.

She also probably wishes she could have stayed. 

With so many twists in this episode, you want to stay right until the end. Because here’s the thing about Charlotte. She might be crazy. She might be Ann Frank. But that doesn’t mean she was wrong about everything. As far as I can tell, she hasn’t been wrong about anything so far. Especially Dr. Arden.

I can’t wait to see what happens next, Killer Queens. Can you?

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