Family drama is getting thick in this episode. And watching Arthur abuse his family is making Dexter think more and more about the kind of father he is. 

We learned in the last episode that Christine, the journalist Quinn’s been seeing, is the daughter of Arthur from a previous relationship. It seems they have a distant relationship, seeing each other only a few times a year on Thanksgiving and her birthday. Arthur seems keen to keep her at a distance.

He wants to keep everyone at a distance right now, though. His kill cycle has begun again. And Dexter, stalking him, manages to piece together something that Agent Lundy never did.

There aren’t three victims in Trinity’s cycle because there weren’t three members of his family. There were four, including him.

Trinity abducts a ten-year-old boy from an arcade. Dexter sees it happen, but isn’t fast enough to stop it. So he’s on a mission to find Trinity before something terrible can happen to this little kid.

Fortunately, he gets Arthur’s son, Jonah in on it. Jonah manages to search through his dad’s computer for clues.

While Dexter’s racing to save this child, Deb’s suspicion of Christine is growing. She shows the reporter pictures of Lundy’s dead body under the pretense of being interviewed. And Christine is visibly upset. One thing leads to another, as they usually do, and Deb ends up talking Quinn into stealing Christine’s toothbrush.

Christine is fully aware she’s her father’s least favorite child. He’s her mistake, his bastard child. And worse, she’s seen thinks she shouldn’t have seen. Things that involved a bathtub full of blood and dead woman. So now that she has an opportunity to help him, she’s going to do it. She’ll even go so far as to kill. 

Trouble is, Trinity might too.

Things are looking bad for Trinity. Dexter’s getting closer. One of his closest allies might soon be turned against him. And his own family is cracking, ready to turn on him to protect themselves. The trouble is, Trinity’s like any wounded animal. they’re always most dangerous when they’re injured and backed into a corner. 

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