If you marathoned the first three episodes of Wheel of Time like I did, then you saw A Place of Safety after two hours of exploring this world. And if you had to go to work the next day as I did, you could be forgiven for nodding off a bit in this one.

Which isn’t to say it wasn’t a good episode. There was just a bit more boring than thrilling. 

Our original crew has splintered into three, each having its diverse adventure. We’ll start with Egwene and Perrin first since theirs was perhaps the dullest.

After escaping into the night, they find themselves walking through what looks like an endless prairie. They’re cold and hungry and pretty unsure where they are. That’s when Perrin starts being harassed by the wildlife. 

It starts with the wolves. And if you know anything about Norse mythology, you’ll not be surprised at all. You’ll also not be surprised that they catch the attention of crows next. The crows aren’t as patient with them as the wolves, and chase them over the prairie. Seemingly just for kicks. Though if you’re not a fan of birds, this was a fairly upsetting scene. 

After barely escaping the crows, they happen upon a caravan of people known as the Tinkers. The first thing their caravan leader asks them is if they know the song. This is something that will be explored in depth later, and you’ll want to keep it in the back of your mind.

Seeing as how Egwene and Perrin haven’t the faintest fuck what this woman is talking about, her grandson Aram jumps in to help them along. So they decide to travel with the Tinkers for a bit.

What could possibly go wrong?

Now let’s turn our attention to Mat and Rand. After being separated from the others, they fight over whether they should return home to the Two Rivers or continue to the White Tower. Rand wants to go on to ensure that the Trollocs won’t hurt their village anymore. Mat wants to go home to see his sisters because their parents are dead. And seeing as how there aren’t exactly social services at this time, this means two little girls are left at home alone. Which won’t matter at all if the Trollocs come back and kill them too because their prey returned.

So both of them have a point.

They find an inn where they can do some work to earn a bed for the night. They both individually meet and are entranced by the innkeeper. She seems great. She’s pretty, she’s smart. She’s not taking any shit from either boy.

But it turns out, it’s all an act. The innkeeper turns out to be a Dark Friend. They’re people who work for the main bad guy in this world, The Dark One. Not exactly an original name, but it works.

The boys are saved at the last minute by a Gleeman named Thom. This guy’s a fan favorite for everyone who reads the books. And he’s a good guy. He’s smart, quick, and can pick pockets better than Fagan. It’s no surprise he offers to stick with Rand and Mat for a bit. He probably figures they’re not bright enough to survive without a bit of help. He’s right.

Finally, we turn to Lan and Moiraine. Well, it’s Lan, Moiraine, and Nynaeve. Because the village Wisdom (Think wise woman or resident witch) has been tracking them this whole time. She has no intention of letting these weirdos take her apprentice, Eqwene, even though she’s just a couple of years older than these kids. What she lacks in age and experience, she makes up in pure confidence and fuck you attitude.

Somehow, of the three groups, she manages to end up with Lan and Moiraine. Since Moiraine is dying, that’s probably a good thing. After some persuasion, Nynaeve agrees to save Moiraine. 

When everyone is fit, mostly, for travel, the three of them fall in with a group of Red Aes Sedai. If you don’t know, these are the ones who hunt down men who channel. You remember how men aren’t supposed to do that? 

Well, they found one who not only channels but also claims to be the Dragon Reborn. And they’ve got him in a cage.

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