After watching the second episode of Wheel of Time, Shadow’s Waiting, I have one fact clear as crystal in my mind. 

The White Cloaks are fucking monsters.

We begin in a White Cloak camp with an inquisitor enjoying his lunch. His dark lunch, by the way. 

As he’s eating his creepy lunch, he’s chatting with an Aes Sedai burning slowly. And this was enough to fill me with rage. For those of you who didn’t read the books, this is a yellow Aes Sedai. This is the group dedicated to healing. He’s burning a woman who committed her entire life to heal people.

So he can just fuck right off. 

That being said, if you didn’t understand the horrors Moiraine was trying to avoid, this episode might be enough to make you think at least some Aes Sedai are kind of evil bitches. She sinks a ferry belonging to a ferryman who helped them escape a pack of Trollocs. He tries to jump into the water to save his, you know, livelihood so that he can go rescue his family. And Moiraine doesn’t even pretend to try to save him. 

This is dark. But it’s also kind of surprising that she can get that much done. She was badly injured in the first episode. By the end of this one, she can barely stand. And those Trollocs weren’t slowed down much by the river. So, with little else to do, Lan the Warder leads the entire crew into a place they never should have gone. Somewhere the Trollocs don’t dare follow. A dark, cursed place called Mashadar. 

The design of Mashadar was just perfect. It’s got the decrepit beauty of a place that was built with passion and destroyed by treason. Lan tells them the story of the people who once lived there, and how they refused to go to the aid of their allies. These allies happened to be the people our crew from Two Rivers were descended from.

This treason was so great that the city itself was tainted by it. Lan warns all of them to touch nothing, and especially to take nothing.

But Matt, for no good reason, ignores this sensible advice. He finds a dagger that just calls to him. I mean that literally.

The curse of this place comes for the crew in the night. They’re chased down the crumbling streets, being separated into three groups. 

Eventually, they all make it out alive. But it’s a very close thing.

This was a really fun, dark, creepy episode. I’m looking forward to the next one. How about you?

Thanks for reading Wheel of Time, Shadow’s Waiting. If you haven’t seen the episode, click here to check it out.