I’ve been a fan of Mike Judge since the good old days of Beavis & Butthead (before MTV became a lame-o “reality” show nightmare). I found his content “edgy” as a teenager, but also just funny. Maybe it was my juvenile mind, but it’s a mind I haven’t totally shed. I can still appreciate those two idiots and all the trouble they caused — particularly for Tom Anderson, the hapless old man who always trusts them with his yard work. The two were lovable yet had some violence in them, too.

They were also mean-spirited. So yes, there’s a constant nagging refrain you’ll hear from some: “Beavis & Butthead could never get made nowadays!” It seems that way, but it’s not necessarily true. In fact, I think we need something like Beavis & Butthead now more than ever, as too many people today resemble an identity-politics obsessed David Van Driessen, only without the kindly disposition. Wouldn’t it be great to see such people taken down a peg by an expert like Mike Judge? Also, what better way to do that than by crafting some fiendish horror movie? I mean, look at what else Mike Judge has done: Daria, King of the Hill and Office Space have rightfully been considered classic. So has the satirical film Idiocracy, a cult film that has been assailed by some critics for being too politically incorrect — with some even saying it promotes eugenics! However, none of these are really horror-oriented (though Beavis and Butthead do have a classic Halloween episode).

What Mike Judge Could Do

I’ll be a little presumptuous here and assume that somehow, someway, Mike Judge could actually read this article. I’d like to toss out a few simple horror film ideas for him. This one’s straightforward: How about a Beavis & Butthead story where the Cornholio takes on zombies? Or, of course, the Great Cornholio could end up being the antagonist himself, perhaps with the bizarre realization that Beavis is genuinely possessed by some bizarre spirit. In any case, Beavis & Butthead are positively brimming with horror potential, sometimes already flirting with gross-out horror. For another idea, maybe Mike Judge should actually do a movie mocking eugenics, to finally get back at those ridiculous critics who didn’t understand the satire of Idiocracy? Finally, Idiocracy itself could have a sequel with more horror themes added, or possibly even a grittier series based on the film.

Whatever the case, plenty of people would love to see Mike Judge crossover further into the horror realm, and he’s certainly smart enough to make it work. Also, society’s still dumb enough to draw material from. In fact, despite reading reports on how humans are getting so much smarter, it seems there’s always strong evidence to the contrary.

What do you think? Should Mike Judge make a horror film or series? Let us know in the comments, buttmunch!

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