You may already be familiar with Norwegian director Lars Klevsburgs 2015 horror short ‘polaroid’ in fact I actually reviewed it over at Popcorn Horror. It was the premise of the short that caught my attention and was thrilled to the bone when I watched it for the first time. Fast forward three years on and Klevsburgs award winning shot has been picked up by dimension pictures and turned into a full-length feature but is it any good? Guess we find out.

Smile For The Camera!

Ok, so the film was standard. I neither liked it or disliked it. I was rather neutral throughout. Although I did like a few scenes most of the movie, for my horror pallet it was painfully tedious. Polaroid features appearances from Kathryn Presscot, Tyler Young, Samantha Logan and more. In all honesty, Polaroid had the potential to be a great full-length horror flick but sadly I think this one is better off as a horror short.

The scares are minimal which is rare for a horror film. The deaths are rather amateur and I found myself finding it hard to get into. I will commend the opening scene though as I liked that the director jumped straight into the eerie tension. The atmosphere is everything in a horror movie and where Polaroid lacks in scares the atmosphere makes up for. The acting was ok but again a typical teen horror. Teens and horror never make a good ending. Not that it’s a bad thing but the whole teenage high school kids thing has been done to death and is just getting really monotonous. I’m striving to find a new fresh take on horror and struggling.

The one thing I did like about the movie was the creature design. The screech made before it appeared sounded freakily similar to the Polaroid camera firing up and if I’m honest it very much unnerved me. As for the actual creature design yes it was creepy but I didn’t find myself hiding my face in horror as the gangly creature crawled towards my screen.

Haunted Camera

Overall I can’t help but feel disappointed at this full-length adaptation. It’s not awful by any means but for my taste, it lacked that ‘scare flare.’ Polaroid is an ok watch, its bearable and I always encourage people to make up their own minds and watch the films o review for themselves. Boredom got the better of me during this flick.