We have a new interview this week. This time around we talk to illustrator Cody Schibi. If his work seems familiar you just may have been live-tweeting with us during the recently concluded second season of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. Cody’s art is done during the run-time of the movies and two of his pieces pop up in retweets by the crew of the show and MutantFam around Twitter.

Cody was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, so please give the interview a read, check out some cool artwork, and visit his website.


Haunted MTL: Your Last Drive-In paintings pop up on Twitter during the middle of the screenings. How do you illustrate them so quickly? Any advice for artists who want to work faster?

Cody Schibi: Yeah, it’s very cool that people are enjoying them & sharing them on Twitter! As far as working fast, I’ve always drawn pretty quickly, but there have been past jobs & experiences that have helped with my speed. The main one was working as a storyboard artist on commercials & different film productions. Most of the productions I worked on needed boards done really, really quickly, or I’d even be on location sketching out future shots for that day or the next. It was a pretty stressful, yet a very rewarding experience, as it definitely made me grow as an artist. Not only with the speed I had to work to meet deadlines, but with strengthening my perspective art & human forms. So yeah, the turnaround for most storyboard jobs was intense & I HAD to work fast! I’m also an amazing procrastinator on a lot of jobs (which I’m not proud of!), so working quickly is just something I’ve gotten use to & have even chosen to do a lot. I know, I’m a weirdo…

Advice for artists who want to work faster? You can try out sketch exercises where you do 30-second, 1-minute, 5-minute, 10-minute, etc drawings. Locally, I’ve gone to “Sketch Jams” where friends & local artists just get together to draw & I know most cities offer something like that. We sometimes even had live models & do timed sketches which has definitely built up my speed. It’s whatever feels right for the individual artist, however. You obviously don’t have to work fast at all!…do what you do at your own speed! 🙂

What was your introduction to The Last Drive-In? Or were you already an existing fan of Joe Bob Briggs and MonsterVision?

I was already a fan. My twin brother & I were huge horror fans as kids & we latched on instantly when we first saw Joe Bob Briggs one night. I remember watching Job Bob’s Drive-In Theater on TMC & then following him over to TNT for Monstervision. Obviously, when Shudder announced that first marathon with him, I was ridiculously excited that he was back & about to reach a whole new generation!

This t-shirt design is fantastic and represents the scope of John Carpenter’s work. If you had to pick a single one of his films to do a poster for, which would you choose?

Thank so much! I really enjoyed drawing this piece, which was for a John Carpenter tribute art show here in Austin. Man, picking ONE film of his to make a poster for is a tough question. I think THE THING would probably be my go to as it’s easily one of my favorite films of all time. It’s FILLED with so many, perfect, practical effects that I would love drawing anything from it. That or BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA which I absolutely adore. Both films have so many, amazing visuals to choose from & designing a poster for either of those films would be awesome. I guess I chose TWO films!…sorry!

You’ve been selling the Last Drive-In paintings at your online shop. How soon do they sell? Will you ever offer prints or are you sticking strictly with the originals?

I have been & it’s been amazing the support people have shown for them! The paintings would pretty much sell out within a day or so after posting them up, but the last few episodes they were going within an hour or less, which blew my mind. When I started “The Last Draw-In” at the beginning of the first season I only intended on making the originals available. People did request prints at that time, but this second season has definitely spiked with that request, so I am looking into making individual prints or print sets at the moment. I’m even considering putting together a little coffee-table art book with all of them & some extras, but not sure if people would be down for that. Maybe this is a good place to ask the horror community! Ha!

What got you into ink and watercolors as a medium?

That’s just a medium I started exploring many years ago & it just clicked with my style. I draw some pretty strange & sometimes gross things, so the sloppiness that watercolor provides over my inks, with the drips, & splatters, & what not, adds to the feel of the finished piece, in my opinion.

Any plans for a new series of paintings when The Last Drive-In goes on break?

I have no plans as of yet. I have a lot of other projects going on that I hope everyone enjoys as well. I am keeping an ear out for the release date of The Last Drive-In summer special & may scribble some stuff out during that, but not sure. I’ll definitely be back for season three though!

More great art available on Instagram

If you want to see the full collection of Drive-In illustrations or Cody’s other work then be sure to give him a follow on Instagram. You can also buy prints of his artwork on his official website.

Thank you for taking the time to meet another creative mind in the horror community. Stick around for more interviews.

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