Chad Lutzke’s new book, The Pale White, is now available, which follows three girls being held at a human trafficking site, coming together and planning an escape. With the dark material focused on, we are certain to check out his work, and we think you should too. Follow along to learn about Chad; find out what’s behind these creative Horror stories.

With all the creative outlets available to you, why write?

For creative outlets, I’ve been in several different bands, written countless songs, and done lots of paintings. But as I’ve gotten older, writing is the only thing that has offered any sign of being able to make a living off from it. If I had my way, I’d probably be directing films. But this is where I’m at, and I’m content. I’m happy. The writing thing has certainly taken off more than I ever expected.

Why Horror?

The easy answer is because I’ve always been attracted to it, dating all the way back to kindergarten. It’s just in me. I’ve tried getting away from it, but my stuff always seems to have dark elements. Even if I’m writing a love story.

Tell me about your writing process.

Not sure I have an entertaining answer for this. It’s completely unstructured. I have no set time or place. Sometimes I spend 15 minutes writing. Other times it’s hours. Sometimes I have a strong idea about where I’m headed, and other times I just write a first sentence that intrigues me enough to move on with the story, something that already has me asking questions about what happens next. Then I fit the pieces together later once I know where it’s headed.

Which piece are you most proud of, and why?

It’s probably cliché, but each book is like a child and you’re asking me to pick a favorite. Some were a lot more fun to write as they were happening, and some were depressing because of the subject matter or the research I had to do. So, it’s hard to disassociate myself from the experience while writing versus the outcome, if that makes sense.

That being said, if I had to choose my favorites for personal reasons it’d be Skullface Boy or The Same Deep Water As You because they’re both packed full of autobiographical moments and were a lot of fun to write. On the other hand, because they’re so personal and maybe not for everyone, they’re also the last two I tell new readers to check out. While they both have some pretty dark moments, I don’t consider them horror. If someone is looking for a gateway book written by me, that’d probably be Of Foster Homes and Flies or Stirring the Sheets.

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