Hey ho, Jimbo here and I’m back with some Con news. This time I am back in fabulous Las Vegas fighting the heat, nerd rage, and sunstroked zombies to bring you a few gems at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

I’m going to stick to the horror for the most part but if you are a fan of Comics then you have to get a ticket for Sunday. Sunday is the day where the vendors put the full court press and you can walk away with some sweet deals.

Speaking of sweet deals, there are more than a few horror shops I stopped at this weekend. I’ll let you check out some of the pics below along with the cosplay, but there is one shop in particular that I need to discuss.

Towards the back, near the main stage, there is a group that helps very sick kids stay in touch with their imagination and forget about life for a while. The booth is CritalCareComics and they are superheroes in more than one way. Not only does CCC deliver the goods to kids in the hospital, but they do so in style–dressed up as the children’s favourite heroes. Imagine SpiderMan coming to visit you and bringing in a bit of his new adventures so you can feel less lonely and detached from the world. Not bad, eh? Give them a friendly visit and see all the cool goodness they are doing: www.criticalcarecomics.org

I get it, comics might not be your thing (really bad post for you to click on if that’s the case), so I leave you with some horror shopping and a tad of cosplay. There were some great costumes today and tomorrow promises for even more–only at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, the best damn Con in Vegas!

Remember, the deal still remains. If you see Jimbo walking around there tomorrow, feel free to tug at his shirt and pitch him something. Hell, he might even give you a cool metal Hellraiser bookmark (because books are cool and so is Hellraiser) from Pesceffects!

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