And we’re back! Last time we met the Total Monster Makeover team…

This time we have some coloring pages for you, featuring some of the incredible cast members.

pen drawing of Mummy Dearest, Total Monster Makeover emcee
coloring page for Mummy Dearest, everyone’s favorite undead emcee here on Total Monster Makeover
pen drawing of Dr. A Cula, renowned undead bloodsucker here on Total Monster Makeover
coloring page for Dr. A Cula, class act and longstanding member of the Total Monster Makeover team
pen drawing of Ed Wick the Witch, truly wicked...
coloring page for the beauteous Ed Wick the Witch, drag royalty
pen drawing of Frank N Stein
coloring page for Frank N Stein, mad scientist hell bent on raising the dead
drawing of Mummy Dearest overlaid atop portrait of the artist
portrait of the artist with drawing overlay