Welcome back to Total Monster Makeover!

You’ve met the amazing cast here on Total Monster Makeover, and caught glimpses of their likenesses in their coloring page portraits, round 1 & round 2. So now it’s time to meet our lucky contestants… As coloring pages!!!

Meet Contestant #1!

Our first contestant hails from Des Moines Iowa and is a stocker at the local All-Mart.  We nabbed him from the side of the road walking home from work after the night owl shift.  The name on his badge says Jerry but we’ll call him Bubba-JoeBob-Brian. 

Bubba JoeBob Brian, previously known as Jerry and now a hodgepodge of Total Monster Makeover contestants and audience members
Our 1st Total Monster Makeover contestant: Bubba JoeBob Brian

Contestant #2 here on Total Monster Makeover…

Our next contestant was living out of her van in California when she ran into the Night Watchman from Hotel California on a rendezvous to Hearst Castle.  Literally.  The things you have to do for good service nowadays… Awestruck by the beauty and ostentatiousness of the estate, Miss Mary Mayhem is seeking a status upgrade and wants to get in on the Upper Crust Action…

Miss Mary Mayhem, 2nd contestant on Total Monster Makeover
Miss Mary Mayhem, flower child turned seductress

And last but not least, Contestant #3:

And last but not least, we have contestant number three.  Curly was lost in the woods after a camping trip gone awry.  You still think you’re in Montana, don’t you Curly?  Silly boy…

Curly, a boy with curly hair transformed into a snarky doglike creature
Curly, our third contestant found lost in the woods in Montana
drawing of Mummy Dearest overlaid atop portrait of the artist
portrait of the artist with drawing overlay
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