Hey, everyone! Jimbo here 🙂 Today on Streamin Demons we cover the new (Uncanny Counter), the borrowed (Possessor), and the old (Dead Time Stories).

We have a great bunch with Voodoo Priestess grossing Jimbo out with her descriptions of Dead Time Stories whilst our special guest, Audrey III gives the Quebec film, Possessor, a perfect score! Meanwhile, Jim slaughters the French, English, and Korean languages as he discusses the Netflix phenom of Uncanny Counter.

“She’s dripping in Baby Bear”

Voodoo Priestess in her review for Dead Time Stories

Once again, if you want to check out the movies we watched, click on through (if it’s an Amazon link, we do get some cheddar if ya buy). For the Uncanny Counter, it’s on Netflix only (and well worth the subscription!)

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