Hey, everyone! Jimbo here 🙂 Today on Streamin Demons we cover the new (Sweet Home), the borrowed (The Empty Man), and the old (Lights Out, no, not that one).

We have a great bunch with Voodoo Priestess digging into the real old Lights Out and Other Supernatural Tales teevee show from 1946. For reference, Nazi Germany fell in 1945. Our special guest, Audrey, gets excited with a near perfect rating of the Korean horror-drama from Netflix, Sweet Home. Finally, when not bombing on stage (aka during the pod), Jim somehow found enough time to watch (most of) the Empty Man and give it the highest praise for the season. Small warning for Empty Man, there are some strobe light effect scenes so if you have medical issues with those please skip!

All this and more on the Streamin’ Demons!

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