If there is one thing that horror teaches us, Killer Queens, it’s that the past is never as buried as we think it is. 

No matter how deep we try to bury it. 

Fiona’s past is coming back to haunt her now. The Council has come to visit because Madison is missing.

Well, Madison is dead, but the Council doesn’t know that. 

One member of the Council, Myrtle, is especially keen to prove that Fiona killed Madison. She was a student at the academy when Fiona became Supreme. And even then, she was suspicious of her. She bespelled Spalding, that his tongue wouldn’t allow him to lie. 

I think you know where this is going. 

Of course, Fiona has more than one sin in her past. She pissed off Marie Laveau, then escalated the issue by cutting off the head of her lover, Bastian. 

Marie has a way to deal with this, of course. It’s something that she’s done in the past, in dark circumstances. 

When the son of a friend was lynched, Marie called the dead back to life to punish the monsters who did it. Now she’s done it again. 

And it isn’t just any dead she’s raised. No, she knows full well that Dauphine LaLaurie is living at the academy. So she’s sent her daughters to visit her.

I think we know Dauphine’s daughters aren’t going to be pleased to see their mother. 

It’s easy to watch this episode and feel a bit bad for LaLaurie unless you know the history behind her. I’ll take this moment to remind you that while most of what happens on American Horror Story is fiction, the terrors that LaLaurie inflicted are very much not. So don’t go feeling too bad.

After a long, difficult day, the witches are home. It’s Halloween night, but no one’s quite in the mood to be celebrating. None of them know that Madison’s in Spalding’s room, playing dress-up. At least, her body is.

It being a Halloween episode, it is a two-parter. And with zombies knocking on the door along with trick or treaters, I’m excited to see how part two plays out.

See you then, Killer Queens. 

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