And just like that, Killer Queens, Twisty the Clown is not my least favorite character this season. 

We start this episode of Freak Show with the town of Jupiter in terror. Someone is killing people and kidnapping children. Something has to be done, so a curfew is put in place. A curfew that is destined to cause some trouble with the Freak Show.

Not that the freak show needs any more trouble. Trouble just rolled in the camp in a pickup truck with a trailer attached.

We’re introduced to Dell and his wife Desiree. He’s a strong man, she’s a hermaphrodite. They seem happy enough together. But Dell’s got a history with Ethel, the bearded lady. He nearly strangled Jimmy when he was a baby. Ethel’s less than pleased to see him there. And soon Jimmy hates him for his own reasons. The same reasons I hate him.

Dell insists the Freak Show host a matinee to avoid the curfew. Bette and Dot will be headlining, along with a Geek named Meep. Bette will sing, Dot sings backup, and Meep bites the heads off chickens. Good fun for the whole family!

While this is going on, Twisty is having his own day. He’s hired off the street by Dandy’s mother to entertain him. I was so hoping Twisty would kill Dandy, hopefully in some artistically pleasing and gruesome way. But no such luck.

Twisty still has his children in their cages. He brings them a little toy, a wind-up robot. It struck me that the kids must see Twisty the same way feral cats do when we first bring them inside. We feed them strange things they don’t like, shake toys at them. Just saying.

Unfortunately, rather than killing Dandy, Twisty seems to adopt him as a friend and fellow torturer. But I’m still hoping for a gorey end for this sociopath.

The episode does end with a dead body. Unfortunately it’s not the one I wanted. But the police needed a scapegoat for a town terrified. They got one, sadly. A scared little man who never killed anyone but some chickens. Jimmy has already proven himself willing to kill. Now, he’s got another reason. Guess we’ll have to keep track of his blood count during the rest of the season.

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