We’ve reached another Halloween episode of AHS, Killer Queens. So we’re diving into a two-part episode.

There’s a carney superstition that no one is to perform on Halloween. If a troop breaks this tradition, they’ll receive a visit from Edward Mordrake. And he’ll choose one freak to take to Hell with him.

Most of the troop is having a bad holiday. Jimmy is feeling sad and angry about the death of Meep. He digs a small grave for the small man by himself, because he doesn’t want to burden anyone else. 

At least two freaks didn’t even notice. Bette and Dot, to be specific. Bette’s having dreams of having Dot sawed off her body. This is when we learned that not only do the girls share every waking moment, they share their dreams. And of course, what is a dream to one is a nightmare to another.

Bette is snapping at anyone who comes close to her. Especially Elsa, who’s not handling losing the limelight. She’s in pain, and deep in an opium pipe when a fortune-teller called Esmeralda shows up.

She’s not a fortune teller. She works for a man who sells the dead bodies of freaks. And he’s sent her along ahead to stake out the Freak Show. She’s not feeling great about this, but she’s still going right along with it. Why? Because she’s expecting a good paycheck, of course.

Elsa, inspired to steal the show back, rehearses a new song on Halloween night. It was another great song, and it was the highlight of the episode. But the performance, even though it wasn’t in front of a crowd, it’s enough to call Edward.

He goes first to the bearded lady, to see if she’s broken enough to take to hell with him. She tells him the sad story of Jimmy’s birth, born in front of a crowd to pay to see it. She weeps because her son’s been exploited from the literal moment of his birth. But Edward passes her by, leaving her to live out the few months she has left.

We’ll be going over part two tomorrow. I don’t imagine Edward Mordrake is going back to Hell empty-handed.

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