We start this episode just where the last one left off. Edward Mordrake is searching through the freak show, looking for the freak who’s going to come with him to Hell.

This was a clever way to fit in some back story for each of the characters. It’s not surprising, each one has a dark and sad past. Abandonment, poverty. No one is without their scars here.

Especially not Elsa. We finally find out how she lost her legs. And it’s pretty twisted. They were sliced off by a chainsaw, in a snuff show. She weeps, prepared for Edward to take her. But then, Edward hears the call of another. 


While Edward has been speaking with the Freaks, Jimmy and Esmeralda run into trouble with Twisty. They try to rescue the children but get captured instead. Dandy and Twisty have a show planned for their kids, sawing Esmerelda in half.

They escape, and Edward pays Twisty a visit. 

His story might be the saddest. A man with mental disabilities, he’s happy being a clown in the circus. But he’s driven out with accusations of child molestation. 

Unloved, he tries to commit suicide. But he only ends up blowing off half his face. This story is enough for Mordrake to take him into his family. 

Twisty’s end might have been the kindest thing to happen to him his entire life. An outcast among outcasts, demonized. Even people who might have helped him were turned against him for a lie. At least, in the end, he found people who would care for him. Would treat him as one of their own.

And Dandy, the spoiled child, is far more frightening. He’s taken Twisty’s mask and returned home to murder his housekeeper. The woman who helped his mother raise him. And he laughed because he’s finally not bored anymore.

The story ends on a light note. The whole town believes that Jimmy killed Twisty, thereby freeing them of the monster. They come to the freak show to thank him, finally seeing them as the people they are. It’s a lovely, heartwarming scene. And Dell, watching with disgust from his tent, gives one clear message.

The freaks should enjoy this moment. Because someone’s going to mess it up for them. 

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