We’ve come to the end of Coven, Killer Queens. Sad to say. The ending wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t bad, by any means. The word for it, I feel, is anticlimactic. 

After three seasons, I’m noticing that this is a trend in final episodes.

We start this episode with a Stevie Nicks music video. Which is a pretty good place to start. Misty, Zoe, Queenie and Madison are preparing to embark on the Seven Wonders. It’s a test of their witchy abilities, to see who will become the next Supreme. 

It starts easily enough, with the girls being asked to move a candlestick with their minds. All four girls easily pass.

The tests go on until it’s time for the girls to prove that they can go to and come back from Hell.

All the girls fly through, except Misty. Misty can’t find her way out of Hell. She disintegrates, trapped in a Hell she does not deserve.

Why, AHS? Who’s idea was that?

All the time the tests are going on, I kept expecting something to happen. Witch hunters were going to burst in. The Voodoo witches were going to arrive, prepared for war. Literally, anything would have been more interesting than what happened.

What happened was that when Madison’s the last girl standing, Cordelia puts herself into play. 

I thought we’d be traveling to the underworld to save Marie Laveau. I thought we’d be battling witch hunters. Those would have been cool and exciting things. But no. Instead we have Myrtle deciding to insist Cordelia put her to death because she killed a witch.

Like a lot of people didn’t kill other witches in this and get off with no repercussions at all.

We also see the end of Fiona. She planned to go away to Europe for a bit and get her strength back to take Cordelia by surprise. But by the time she gets back, her cancer is too far gone. She dies in Cordelia’s arms.

But the afterlife that’s waiting for her is hilarious and fitting. She finds herself in a cabin in the woods, with the Axeman. It’s the life he wanted for them. Catfish and gingham. It is paradise to some, and a nightmare for her. If the rest of the episode was a bit dull, this part was *chef’s kiss.

I am sorry that we’ve come to the end of Coven. But we’re far from the end of American Horror Story. Come with me on Sunday, for a trip to the Freak Show. 

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