This episode of Coven took a dark turn. And given the show we’re talking about, that’s saying something. It’s all about betrayal, a young woman led astray, and a mother nearly killed by her child.

Let’s get into it, Killer Queens.

Seduced by Marie Laveau, Queenie’s left the coven. This hurts and worries Cordelia, who’s honestly had enough to deal with recently. She rallies the remaining girls together to make a battle plan.

Step one of the plan is to kill Fiona.

And at first, it seems like step one is going quite well. But then, how hard is it to convince a dying woman to kill herself?

Fiona is, in fact dying. She’s dying the slow, painful death of cancer. And it’s not pretty. Her hair is falling out. She’s throwing up all the time. The only thing that’s keeping her around, it seems, is the love of the Axeman. She finally has someone to belong to. 

Then Misty arrives at the school, with Myrtle. They were hunted out of the swamp by a man trying to shoot them. When Cordelia meets Misty, she’s sure that she’s met the next Supreme. 

Nan is not fully present for much of this. She’s worried about their next-door neighbor, Luke. It becomes pretty damn clear pretty damn fast that she has every reason to be worried, too. His crazy mother, believing him to be dirty from the inside out, gives him a bleach cleaner enema.

Nan runs to his house to try and save him. But all she manages to do is lead the witch hunter right to his front door. This causes his mother to be shot and killed. Which is no great loss.

Meanwhile, Fiona is just too stubborn to die. Especially when she finds out that the girls were lying to her when they told her Madison was the next Supreme. I’m not sure why it mattered to her it was Madison or Misty. But it seemed to matter to her.

And it’s a good thing she’s alive, too. The witch hunters aren’t the only thing the coven has to worry about. There’s also Marie Laveau, who is far from done with them. 

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