The angst is strong in this episode, Killer Queens. Just as a heads up.

We start with Madison, newly risen from the dead. She mourns the fact that after a lifetime of trying not to feel, she’s finally gotten her wish. She can’t feel anything anymore. 

Well, except Kyle. She felt him just fine.

Zoe’s getting the short end of things as usual. Well, all the students are. Their teacher is a little busy being blinded. And when she finally manages to sit down with Zoe to talk to her, it’s not the comforting discussion it should be. She tells Zoe that to bring the Axeman into life, then send him out of the house, she must be incredibly powerful. As such, Zoe has a target on her back. But Cordelia has a solution. Kill the one most likely to take Zoe out, which is Fiona.

Blissfully unaware that her daughter is plotting against her, Fiona’s off having an affair with the Axeman. There’s some Boomer flirting and sexy fun time. Then, the Axeman tells Fiona something that would send most women screaming into the night. He tells her that he’s been watching her since she was a child. That he sat by her bedside, cared for her as a father. As she got older, his feelings changed.

Gonna go ahead and put that in the ew category. But poor Fiona, she’s so desperate for love. For anyone to be close to after she burned every bridge.

Speaking of people who need some love, Queenie makes a trip to visit Marie Laveau. She hasn’t been feeling exactly nurtured at the school. What with being used by Fiona and all. I think her curiosity drove her there more than anything. I hope that’s the case. 

But Marie offers her a bargain. If she brings Dauphine LaLaurie to her, Queenie can have a home with them. 

Queenie’s torn on that idea. She’s growing fond of LaLaurie. Which is, sorry to say, stomach-churning. Just in case we were starting to get warm and fuzzy feelings for Dauphine, this episode treated us to a look back at her life. She killed a newborn boy and used his blood in her face cream. She did this because it was the child of her husband and a woman enslaved in their home.

Can anyone blame Queenie for taking Dauphine right to Marie’s door? 

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