Tommy finds himself trapped, yet again, by his parents. As he fights the chain around his neck that Joe Lee is choking him with, it seems Tommy has had it with this treatment. He escapes and beats both Joe Lee and Melinda with a pipe.

Tommy brings his parents’ bodies to Sam in a panic and asks what he should do. The pair are nearly caught as they travel with the bodies in the back of the van. Andy pulls them over, but when he goes to investigate the back, Tommy has turned into an alligator. That gets Andy out of there really quickly. That was a close one.

Sam and Tommy dispose of the bodies in the swamp and feed them to alligators.


Terry and Arlene summon help with what they believe is Rene coming back for Mikey. The Reverend and Lettie Mae come over and sing gospels and bring good energy to try and expel the dark forces within Mikey and the home.

Arlene doesn’t seem impressed with the work of the Reverend and Lettie Mae. Later on, Arlene and Terry seem alright but we see a matchbook spontaneously catch fire across the room.


Eric and Sookie bond, as he has a bad dream about draining Sookie and seeks her out to cuddle in her bed. I am all for this. I love to see this weirdly sensitive side of Eric and hope he keeps some of it once the spell is reversed. Perhaps Sookie can now see the good in him and be more inclined to stay close to Eric.

Sookie pays a visit to Marnie for a psychic reading and is shocked when Marnie channels Gran.

Not soon after, Marnie is snatched and held in custody. Bill comes over the intercom and tries to get answers from Marnie. Marnie tells the truth and asserts that she does not know how to reverse the spells on Eric and Pam. When Bill enters the room to glamour the truth from her, he learns that the knowledge she is passing along IS the truth.


Bill must glamour Portia into being afraid of him so she chills out on the incest thing. Meanwhile, Pam is still rotting from a spell Marnie cast on her. Pam asks Bill for permission to torture and kill Marnie. Bill reemphasizes what he has been told by his higher ups: no human deaths allowed.

Jesus and Lafayette travel to seek aid from Jesus’ grandfather, as a he is a shaman. When they arrive, Jesus’ grandfather says he’s been expecting them.

Naomi discovers Tara’s true identity when a letter come in the mail for a “Tara Thorton.” Tara turns to Sookie and tells her about lying to Naomi about who she is. Tara obviously feels bad about it and she should if she’s really in love with Naomi. It seems she will make amends. As the pair are discussing, Eric enters and Tara flips OUT. She is appalled that Sookie is housing him and storms off.

Eric expresses how he cannot reconcile what people tell him about his past actions. The compassion that Sookie feels for Eric in this moment turns into a passionate kiss.

We end this episode with Pam accidentally revealing to Bill that Eric is staying at Sookie’s. Uh oh. Bill is about to feel that he was seriously betrayed.

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