American Horror Story Cult was released in September of 2017. By that time Americans were living through a real horror story, the Trump presidency. After watching the first episode, I decided I wasn’t going to be able to stomach it. 

I went back and re-watched Coven instead.

Time has passed now, and I think I’m ready to try this tale again. We’ll face it together, Killer Queens.

Evan Peters as Kai in American Horror Story Cult

Our story starts on election night. We see a group of people watching the coverage, and mourning Clinton’s loss. The focus is largely on couple Ally and Ivy, (Sarah Paulson and guest star Alison Pill) and their son Ozzy. 

We also see a blue-haired loner named Kai, played by Evan Peters. He’s overjoyed at the election results, even putting a handful of cheese snacks in the blender to paint his face with. His reasons for joy become clear soon.

He wants people to be afraid. And Trump’s election has many people afraid. 

His sister, Winter, is less than happy. The two seem to have some strange relationship, locking pinkies and looking as though they have nothing good planned.

Winter goes to nanny at the house of Ally and Ivy. This isn’t great, because Ally is already having some major anxiety issues. These issues escalate fast, into having full-on delusions of people dressed as clowns hunting her and having sex in the produce section of the grocery store. 

But are they delusions? 

Soon enough Ozzy sees the clowns as well, attacking and killing the family’s neighbors and friends. 

Still from American Horror Story Cult

This same neighbor, Tom Chang, had earlier in this episode had a run-in with Kai. He dressed Kai down publicly at an open council meeting. This prompted Kai to give one of the most chilling lines of the episode. 

There is nothing more dangerous than a humiliated man.

Feels like a lot of our horrors in the past years have been caused by exactly that. 

The real question of the episode is whether the killer clowns are real. It seems clear enough that Ally is imagining them. But Ozzy seems pretty convinced, and he saw the same clowns.

On the other hand, the cops seem pretty convinced that the Chung’s deaths were murder, suicide. And Winter said she didn’t see the clowns at all.

Obviously, the killer clowns are real though, are you kidding me? It’s American Horror Story, of course, the killer clowns are real.

But that doesn’t tell us what Winter and Kai have planned for this family. And I’m guessing that’s going to be way worse than clowns.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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