And now we’ve come to our final visit to the Asylum, Killer Queens. Just one more chapter of the story to tell. There are lots of tears, lots of endings. And lots of blood spilled.

We start with Lana in the present day, being interviewed. She’s had an amazing life. She’s written books, broke stories. She’s married a wonderful woman, an actress. It’s exactly what she always wanted. 

And now, in the twilight of her life, she’s ready to talk about what happened at Briarcliff.

After meeting with Kit, Lana couldn’t live with her conscience. She snuck into Briarcliff with a camera crew and took some truly gruesome footage. Abuse, neglect. People were left naked and covered in their filth. I truly wish these images were something drawn from a sick imagination. But if you look into the history of mental health, especially the work of my personal hero Nellie Bly, you’ll see that these horrors were once all too real.

One thing she doesn’t find there is Jude. Once again, Lana went to save her only to find out she wasn’t there. 

This time though, it’s because Kit already got her. He took her home to live with him.

And the rest of her life was happy. She was a grandmother to his children. She was peaceful, content. I like how her story ended.

I think I like how Kit’s story ended too. Because we never really get an answer about what those children are. And we don’t know what exactly took Kit away towards the end of his life.

The only real lingering storyline is what will happen with Johnny or Bloody Face II. He’s had a life of anger and resentment. Obsessed with being as good as his father, with getting revenge on his mother for leaving him. This poor man. I mean, I know he brutally murdered a ton of people and cut that one lady’s skin off. But he was so broken right from the start.

But it appears that we have a happy ending for the most part. Kit’s kids are healthy and well. Lana’s near retirement with a lovely home. The only real question is if the aliens are coming back. And why they wanted two human children to begin with. 

We might get those answers in later seasons. But as of right now, I truly don’t know. 

That’s it for the Asylum. I thought it was a bit confusing. The ending left loose ends that should have been tied up. But it was overall pretty satisfying. Stay tuned on Tuesday when we’ll be diving into season three, Coven.

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