American Horror Story is quite good at giving us exactly what we want. Sometimes it’s rather cliche and over the top, like in this episode of American Horror Story Hotel. But I don’t mind that.

Before we get to that moment of satisfaction, though, we’ve got some other fun adventures. I mean, what’s more fun than a Halloween party at school? 

Alex is at the hospital, checking in on her patient with mumps. Things are going south fast. I wouldn’t wish this moment on anyone, even his ridiculous anti-vax mother. So we can forgive Alex for making a stupid, short-sighted decision.

She turns the little boy. This concerned me at first because I know The Countess doesn’t like for her creations to create themselves. Alex has broken that rule. I’m afraid she’s going to lose her son all over again when The Countess finds out. 

I mean, there’s also the small matter of the boy in question. Turned vampire and let loose with no advanced vampire to teach him, he proceeds to go wild. He turns every kid in his class. And they proceed to attack the principal, their teacher, and everyone they can get their hands on.

I’m sure that a whole pack of vampire pre-teens let loose in the town won’t come up at all. We’ve seen the end of that, I’m sure.

Our hero John might have been one of the people available to clean up the impending mess. But he won’t. His boss, for reasons that don’t make any sense to me at all, has decided to fire him. 

This doesn’t make sense at all. He cites John’s psych eval from a few years before. You know, right after his son vanished. This is enough to fire him for yammering on about dead serial killers.

If it was me, I’d maybe put him on administrative leave. Maybe encourage him to take a few weeks off and get some therapy. Not freaking fire him. 

Finally, let’s get to the good part. Let’s talk about Iris. 

Donovan turned her in the last episode in an attempt to save her life. And this is maybe not what she wanted. She’s feeling her age, feeling like she has nothing to live for. Even in an undead lifestyle. And it doesn’t help when a couple of influencers show up and immediately start acting like entitled douchebags. 

Is their abuse of Iris a little over the top? Oh yeah. But does that make it all the better when Iris finally snaps?

Oh hell yes, Killer Queens. I loved every bloody, cat food eating second of their well-deserved punishment.

This season has been a ton of fun so far. And I don’t see it slowing down at all. I can’t wait to indulge in the next episode. 

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