Episode three of American Horror Story Hotel dealt largely, as the name might imply, with motherhood. And how it’s a horrific thankless job. 

We start by learning a little more about Alex. She’s looking after a boy who has measles because his stupid mother had done her own research and not gotten him vaccinated. The boy’s now being hospitalized with a potentially deadly fever.

This reminds Alex strongly of Holden, her son. The only person she’s ever loved. We hear some of her thoughts on the matter. About how she thought she’d loved our hero John until Holden was born. About how she never even really loved Scarlett the same way. I can’t help but remember how our hero John stops everything to spend time with Scarlett. You know, like a parent’s supposed to.

We also see how the end of this road looks. When you make your whole life about your kid, you set yourself up for a shitty second act. Like Iris. She’s thrilled with the idea of getting a two-bedroom apartment with Donovan now that he’s no longer The Countess’s boy toy. But that’s the last thing he wants. He shoves her away, telling her that she’s been a horrible mother.

Weird attachment issues aside, I’m on Iris’s side here. Donovan’s examples of being a terrible mother include kicking his father out and joining a vegan cult. While those both might be questionable, I don’t think anyone’s calling social service. 

Alex and Iris are both mothers mourning their sons, in one way or another. By the end of the episode, Alex finds her boy. She sees Holden in the halls of Hotel Cortez and can walk right up to him. Seeing as how he’s a vampire, I can’t imagine this is going to end how she wants it.

Poor Iris, told by her son to kill herself, tries to do just that. But Donovan finds her and tries to save her the only way he can think of.

Too bad we just found out the Countess doesn’t take kindly to her creations making creations of their own. 

It feels like this episode set up two Damocles swords. One over Alex’s head, and one over Iris’s. Wondering how these swords are going to fall is what brings me back to this show over and over again.

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