New Blood episode 3, Smoke Signals was great fun. It was funny and sweet. And it ended on a killer cliffhanger. 

Dexter’s life in Iron Springs is starting to feel a lot like his life in Miami. With a dead body buried under his fire pit, and a mass of search teams using his cabin as home base, he’s a bit on edge. All he would like is to get all these people out of his yard.

But Harrison has to be enrolled in school. And that, of course, is going to take some time out of his day. 

Especially when he’s accused of cheating on his placement test. 

Aside from that, Harrison has no trouble fitting in. He’s quickly invited to join in with the cool kids while the catfish some other student.

Harrison wants no part of this. He even warns the victim, and they become fast friends. This kid worries me. Harrison’s father is a serial killer, but I’m betting this kid has more bodies buried than Dex.

Or he will someday. 

Harrison is proving over and over that he is Rita’s son. But he’s also proving that he’s Hannah’s stepson. He’s unwilling to bully someone who doesn’t deserve it. He is more than willing to grab a bully by the throat and make them beg. 

While all of this is going on, there’s still a killer to worry about. Not Dexter, he’s too busy. No, there’s our mystery killer. The one who has a young woman trapped away in a locked room. 

At least, it was a locked room. Much to our young victim’s surprise, the door to her cell opens and she’s able to run for it. 

Much to no one’s surprise, she doesn’t make it that far. 

I’m just itching to know who the killer is. Part of me suspects it’s the evil oil baron. But that seems too easy. If I had to guess, I’d put money on Matt’s dad.

Oh, and speaking of Matt’s dad, he’s got an interesting bit of news to share. Just after Dexter deal’s with Matt’s body, he sees Kurt outside of the bar. He’s partying up, having a grand old time. This seems strange to Dex, who stops to help him out.

Kurt tells Dexter that he’s gotten the best news. He face-timed with Matt, who is perfectly fine.

No, Matt’s a perfectly fine mist falling over the town because Dex incinerated his body. So who in the hell was Kurt talking to? And if he wasn’t talking to anyone, why lie?

I have some ideas, but I can’t wait to find out for sure. 

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