Episode two of American Horror Story Hotel was delightful. There were several homages to some classic works that I enjoyed.

We’ll start with the children roaming the hotel. They are direct references to the Children of the Damned. They’re also going to cause some trouble.

John the hero’s daughter, Scarlett, is visiting him at the hotel. She meets Lachlan, who shows her the children of the damned in their coffins. Scarlett recognizes her brother, Holden. 

Scarlett tries to get her brother to come home. But he’s happy where he is. Scarlett manages to snap a picture of him, but he moves too fast. Her mother doesn’t believe her. But our hero John has seen Holden in the hotel halls. 

Meanwhile, The Countess is growing bored with Donovan. A new toy catches her eye during a fashion show, a model named Tristan. She turns him and moves him into the penthouse with her. This isn’t great for Donovan.

Meanwhile, our hero John is spending some time at the bar. Iris and Liz Taylor decide to let him in on the history of the hotel. 

Hotel Cortez was built by a man named James March. Played by Evan Peters, this character is a little overacted. It’s like Peters wasn’t sure how to play a millionaire serial killer. So he just watched Vincent Price and tried to act like that.

March is a direct reference to H. H. Holmes. And the Hotel Cortez is his murder hotel. We’re treated to a delightful series of gruesome and unprovoked murders. He liked to trap people in the rooms and gas them. He killed several people with hammers. All the while he’s aided and supported by his maid, Miss Evers. She would be the ghastly ghost maid we keep seeing in the halls. The one who seems to derive such great joy in washing up after brutal murders. To each their own, I guess. 

Our hero John doesn’t believe any of this. So he decides to check out the police records from the time. Which leads him to a breakthrough on his serial killer case. 

Each of the killings links back to one of the ten commandments. And it appears that Mr. March might have been the inspiration for the current killer.

I’m having a lot of fun with this season so far. I’d love to know who your favorite patron of the Hotel Cortez is. Let us know in the comments. 

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