After watching American Horror Story NYC, I only have one complaint. We didn’t see Sam once the entire time.

That injustice aside, this was a great episode. 

We start with Fran getting a new job at a tarot shop, run by Kathy. Kathy needs some help running her businesses because she’s just hiring people with little to no experience at all. But Fran does pretty well with the tarot. Among her first clients are a pregnant Dr. Wells and Adam, her sperm donor.

Billie Lourd in American Horror Story NYC

Fran pulls not just one death card, but a whole deck of them. Dr. Wells runs out, and Adam stays only long enough to chew Fran out.

Meanwhile, Patrick is performing the unenviable task of signing his divorce papers with Barb. She passes out during that meeting and ends up in the hospital. 

Just like Gino last episode. 

Barb asks Patrick to look in on her apartment and her dog. But when he arrives, someone else is waiting for him.

Big Daddy. 

How he ended up in Barb’s apartment, and how he knew to be there right when Patrick was visiting are still mysteries. I’m not the only one who now suspects that Big Daddy might not be entirely human.

Russell Tovey as Patrick in American Horror Story NYC

Adam complains to Gino about Fran’s behavior in the tarot parlor. Angry at this behavior, Gino goes to talk to Fran and Kathy. Kathy, frankly, has had enough of Gino’s shit. So she decides to read Gino’s cards herself. But as she starts pulling the cards, some scary things start coming up. The same three cards, over and over. Finally, there’s another presence in the room. I don’t want to spoil things, but those of us who remember the Asylum season will recognize someone we haven’t seen since then.

I appreciated the use of tarot cards in this episode. On a personal note, I read tarot. And it always bothers me when people misinterpreted the Death card. It does not mean you’re going to die. Death means change. A change that you cannot avoid. So when I saw the Death card features so heavily in this episode, I was ready to hop on my soapbox. But, Fran was quick to point out exactly what I was going to say. I love this attention to detail. Someone on that writing staff reads tarot.

This has been a solid season so far. While there hasn’t been anything spectacular or spellbinding, we’ve been getting solid storytelling every episode. And I hope that this is going to continue for the rest of the season.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)