After the end of the last episode of American Horror Story, NYC, I had a pretty clear expectation of what was going to happen in this one. Patrick was going to rush through the hospital in a race against time to find Gino while a blackout allowed chaos to reign in the city. 

I was mostly wrong in this assumption. Patrick did race through the hospital and save Gino, but that was taken care of during the cold open. From there, nothing went how I thought it would. 

Patti LuPone in American Horror Story NYC

Things are getting hot in NYC. The temperature outside, the temperatures of the sick, and the tempers of the gay community. Gino goes to talk with Kathy, the owner of the Bath House. After he strong-arms her into talking, she reveals that something dark is happening in their community. Something that scares her. Something that the police aren’t doing anything about. 

Well, that’s mostly true. Patrick’s chief, however, is finally taking the killings seriously. He even calls Patrick about a dead gay man found in his apartment. The dead gay man is Hans, sadly. But he doesn’t fit the same MO as the other victims. He’s covered with legions and looks emaciated. 

Meanwhile, Adam and Theo are taking things to the next level. Tired of the abuse and rumors, Theo’s left Sam. This is the wake-up call that Sam needed to become a better partner. 

Of course, I’m lying. Sam offers Adam money to leave Theo. And Adam, being far too good for this world, turns him down. 

Zachary Quinto and Isaac Powell in American Horror Story

Finally, Patrick is facing accusations at work. His chief is furious about the leaks to the Native. Patrick, angry at the completely valid accusation, tells his boss that he’s gay. And as soon as he does, all the lights go out. 

The timing was, as always, perfect.

If I had to describe this season so far in one word, it would be tension. There is so much tension in the city as the Mai Tai killer stalks the community. As the mystery virus digs its claws into our characters, all but ignored. There is tension for the characters as they scramble to get information to protect themselves. And there’s tension watching it, as we see so much more danger waiting for them.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)