Watch Out There’s A New Legend About!

I always find myself enjoying an urban legend horror film. Mercy Black is a rather spooky little mythos movie, one that has the viewers wondering whether they are trapped inside a lucid dream or a fantastical nightmare. Written and directed by Owen Egerton, Mercy Black takes a ride into the mind of the broken.

When a duo of young children summon a phantom known as Mercy Black with nothing but the power of their imagination hell comes for all who participated in the summoning. Who would think that a simple child’s game would go so wrong right? well, this is a horror movie so without some kind of harrowing plotline, there would be no movie. The film takes place fifteen years after the incident occurred and follows main protagonist Daniella Pineda who plays Marina Hess a troubled young woman who comes to back to her childhood home after spending the majority of her young adulthood in a mental hospital only to face the consequences of past events.

Mercy black is a decent flick. Admittedly the storyline starts off very slow and the majority of the film is made up of scenes that really didn’t need to be there but once you get past the first half hour the film does pick up the pace. The acting is good and the cinematography not all bad, for a Blumhouse/Universal film it’s very mediocre. The scares throughout are minimal but tasteful albeit there lack of. When it came down to witnessing Mercy Black in the flesh I won’t deny I was disappointed as the build-up throughout the movie around this scary legend did not do it justice in the final reveal.

The New Slender Man Of Horror?

As much as I found myself enjoying the movie I found myself focusing on the negatives more than the positives, mainly due to the urban legend herself. The story was interesting and held in a sense a Slender Man vibe although a weaker version. If asked if I would watch Mercy Black again I would say no. it’s fun while you are watching it but its not very memorable. The film is confined to one setting and holds a rather isolated atmosphere. This sometimes works and at first, I felt as if it fit the theme of the film but overall there was just too much lacking in order for it to run smoothly.

In conclusion, I have to say that I did enjoy Mercy Black and would recommend if you’re looking for a movie to pass by the time. You can find it now streaming on Netflix.