Carrie is undoubtedly the most notorious twisted creation to have ever wormed its way out of Stephen King’s imagination and boy am I glad that it came to pass. I will admit that there are a very few Stephen King books and films that I enjoy but without hesitation Carrie is one of my favs, sharing the number one spot with Pet Semetary.

Indulging in a tragic tale of bullying, ridicule, and revenge what is there is not to love about poor Carrie White? Both films adaptions (Sissy Spacek 1979) and (Chloe Grace Moretz 2013) hold a tender place in my heart and really explore horror in not only a visual sense but psychological. I have chosen to review the remake as I found it got a lot of stick when it came out. There were a lot of complaints about over the top CGI but I beg to differ. I thoroughly enjoyed the remake so much so that I rewatched it in order to write this review. I will say however that I am currently listening to the audiobook version read on audible by Sissy Spacek.

Tragically Beautiful

So what makes Carrie a ‘good’ horror film? Well, we have all the elements needed to create a horrifying atmosphere. Carrie doesn’t even need to try to be a horror film as the story alone is disturbing enough without the elements of telekinesis added. The poor girl undergoes great humiliations, bullying, and malevolence from her peers, mockery and sadistic behaviors by her over zealous religious mother. These plotlines alone make Carrie, in my opinion, a great horror film. Add in telekinesis, pigs blood and a prom that goes up in smoke Dand you have the greatest revenge scene ever known to man.

Not only is Carrie tragic but the whole story is relatable. It’s real as a lot of things that happen to Carrie White happens to young girls everywhere. I felt a connection to the story and every time I read/watch it my heart constantly breaks for her.

Chloe Grace Moretz who plays Carrie in the remake portrays her character with great conviction. Yes her performance was modernized but she still held true to Carrie’s personality. Her shy awkwardness, her anxiousness, her helplessness, her confusion was channeled brilliantly through Moretz’s performance. When the time came for carries revenge that too was portrayed excellently. I really believed carries rage! it was raw and real.

Broken Home

Of course, Julian Moore played the mother, a role that requires much mental stability to play someone so unstable. Margaret Whites’ back story is just as tragic as her daughters and you begin to understand why these people are the way that they are although that does not make up for her appalling behavior towards her child. Moore did a fantastic job a role worthy of being credited for.

If you’re a fan of Stephen king original Carrie then give the remake a chance. every film that is remade evolves but this adaption stays truer to the original than any other! highly enjoyable.