The Second Half Begins…

Locke & Key Episode 6 starts off the next morning after Nina finds Joe. Nina is sitting at the police station waiting to speaking with the investigating officer about Joe’s death. When Nina finally speaks with the detective, she discovers that they have declared it a suicide.

When Nina confronts Ellie about the scar, Ellie says that the four remaining friends burned themselves. It is a way for them to remember the friends they lost. Nina asks where Ellie was the night Joe died. Ellie becomes angry with Nina and storms off without giving an answer.

Kinsey, in an effort to help Duncan remember his past, shows him the memory jars from the cemetery. Duncan is unable to process the memories but spends extra time with a particular jar. Kinsey discovers that it’s a memory of the sea caves.

Locke & Key Episode 6
The well constructed stair well to the caves no one ever goes in!

In an effort to explore the caves, Kinsey persuades her friends to film their movie there. Once they arrive, Kinsey hears the whispers of a key and leads the group deep into the cave. There Kinsey finds a large door shining in blue light. Unfortunately for the group, the cave begins to fill with the rising tide. They manage to escape but the group loses all their film equipment and props.

Tyler, feeling the burden of the keys, ditches the girl he’s falling for the last few episodes. She catches him at a party where he tells her that he would only hurt her. Echo takes advantage of the situation and starts plying him with alcohol.

Mind you, at this point, Tyler has never seen Echo. Even when She has Bode trapped in the fire, Tyler never saw her face. The two talk an eventually, Echo gets Tyler in her truck. When Tyler asks for her name, she says, “It’s Dodge.”

Sam makes his move to escape the prison he resides. Using the Fire Key he is able to cut through the solid steel door of his cell, light stone on fire, and ignite a guard. He appears at the end of the episode entering the grounds of Keyhouse.

Locke & Key Episode 6 In Review…

So, yes, I’ve known that Dodge was not named Echo but this is about the recap and not giving away all the secrets. These episodes aren’t getting much better. Did I mention that Bode found another key? Do I even need to? Can we just assume that from here Bode will find yet another key each episode?

One thing I can’t understand is how it’s justified that Sam got across the country so quickly. Think about that! He committed the murder in Seattle. It can be assumed he would have gone to a correction facility in Washington. Are you saying that he went from Washington to New England without being seen?

Locke and Key Episode 6 gets 2 out of 5 Cthulhus

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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