Another evil clown movie? Yes, of course, Oddly enough, though, I’m a bit of a sucker for the broadening genre. Also, I was okay with Scott Jeffrey’s ClownDoll. Don’t get me wrong here. This is not the sort of movie that’ll strike you like an epiphany. In fact, if it strikes you at all, it’ll probably strike you stupid. However, some of us fools will just switch off our brains and just let something like ClownDoll happen to us.

The story? Basically, this movie doesn’t really merit a “spoiler alert,” so I’ll offer up the meat and potatoes version. There’s a clown doll possessed by a serial killer and it calls a woman on the phone sometimes. That’s about it, folks! The doll goes around killing people sometimes, as that’s what serial killers do, but you shouldn’t expect much else out of this one.

Does “ClownDoll” Do Anything Right?

This is the question all readers will ask. Basically, yes. Oddly enough, I think the ClownDoll itself will be sufficiently creepy for some. While some will wonder, “Why would anyone bring that into their house, to begin with?,” I would simply answer that I might. Back when I was younger, I used to actually collect doll heads from time to time. Granted, I never got deep into it as an obsession, but I had a few around just for good taste. So, basically, I can relate to the main character, Lane (Sarah T. Cohen), who brings the creepy doll into her life.

Does ClownDoll Rip Any Movies Off?

Glad you asked, person-I-just-made-up! The serial killer’s name is Daniel-something-or-other. Obviously, the idea of a doll possessed by a serial killer isn’t a new idea. ClownDoll might remind you a bit of the whole Chucky/Charles Lee Ray thing. This killer isn’t as skillfully voiced as Brad Dourif’s killer doll, but he sure does like yapping on the phone a lot! While the phone stuff might be a nod to Scream or Black Christmas, this movie doesn’t get too crazy with the homages, and I wouldn’t rate it too high on the Rip-Off meter. I would just say it’s written as a few nods here and there, no big deal. In fact, if you expect 100% originality from horror or any other genre, you’re sort of fooling yourself.

Final Thoughts

I don’t really have many additional thoughts, other than to say I’ve seen considerably worse movies than this. In fact, I’ve even enjoyed worse movies than this. On that note, the lack of humor in this movie prevents it from being memorable, and there really aren’t any iconic scenes or kills. The acting is okay, for the most part. On that note, I should say ClownDoll also stars Peter Cosgrove, Kelly Juvilee, Kate Milner Evans, Carmina Cordelia, and Hannah Rogers as the ClownDoll itself.

What are your thoughts on ClownDoll? Be a doll and clown around with us in the comments!

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