It’s time for another gorgeously gory episode of Creepshow. It involved elements that legitimately scare me, some really bad effects and some pretty fun acting. Let’s discuss.

The first story is called The Right Snuff. It’s about two astronauts on a ship called the Oculus. Cute right, like an eye? I kind of wish they would have done something with that. But, spoiler, they don’t. 

We meet Alex Toomey and Ted Lockhart, the two astronauts stationed on the Oculus. From the first time we see Ted and Alex talk to the media, we can tell Alex is unhinged. I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to tell you that Alex murders Ted in a fit of jealousy. Alex has murder written all over his face. Which is why it’s kind of weird that he passed the psych screening to become an astronaut, just saying.

Alex has some daddy issues, for sure. That seems to be a theme this season. 

That being said, this first story had some real Cain and Abel vibes. And while the middle of the story was predictable, the ending was not. The story was helped out by its location. Anything that happens in space has a cold, claustrophobic feel to it. It ups the creep factor by 11.

Moving on, the second gory tale is called Sibling Rivalry. Here we meet Lola, who thinks her brother is trying to kill her. She’s in her school’s counselor’s office, seeking help.

How to describe this conversation? Remember Luis from Antman? Imagine if he was a teenage white girl and you understand Lola’s storytelling abilities. I’m thankful that the whole episode wasn’t told from her pov, because that would have been excruciating. Probably more so than anything that happened in this episode.

Of course, the real creature hunting Lola is not her brother. But the story takes enough twists and turns that I don’t dare ruin it for you. 

I loved that there were subtle little Stephen King references through both stories. Alex’s last name is Toomey, the last name of the antagonist in Langoliers. In Sibling Rivalry, the family dog’s name is Dolores Claiborne. That’s a lot of fun and a nod to one of the original creators of Creepshow.

There’s another little note in theThe Right Snuff I got a kick out of. Not related to King, but another psycho space mystery. See if you can spot a reference to Hal in the background.