Rick and Morty always slide close to the side of horror. So for them to decide to do a horror-themed episode isn’t that surprising. They’ve done a few episodes that I’d say lean toward the scary side. And honestly, anytime I hear the evil Morty song I’m a bit unnerved. But they took things a step further with a recent episode, called Night Family.

Rick and Morty, Night Family

We start with Beth going downstairs to sleep on the couch because Jerry’s keeping her up. There, she’s startled to find Rick doing sit-ups in a strange, nonresponsive state. 

The next morning Rick explains that he’s invented a machine that allows him to program his night self to do things for him. In this case, work out so he can get abs without having to exercise during the day. Soon the whole family is in on it. 

Everything’s going great at first. The family goes to sleep and learns the trumpet, studies Spanish and works out. All goes well until Night Summer asks if the day people could please rinse their dishes so they’re easier to clean. 

Rick not only refuses but he’s also insulted Night Summer would ask. The Night Family begins to take vengeance. First, by shattering all the dishes in the house. Later, by taking over the waking family’s lives. This eventually results in a high-speed car chase, in which every person switches sides depending on whether or not they’re awake.

This was an eerie episode with tons of dark images. The scenes where the Night Family were just limping around the house, doing chores or writing letters in their zombie state were creepy enough. But when you hear them talk, you instantly wish you hadn’t. 

Sometimes when a show does a dark or Halloween episode we’ll see characters acting, well, out of character. But that’s not the case with Night Family. Rick is still Rick. Morty’s still Morty. And well, I think we’ve all had our suspicions about Summer. It felt like any other episode, just darker. And that’s exactly why it worked as well as it did. 

The episode had a great moral. Anything too good to be true usually is. And anything that Rick is doing would be better not emulated by the family, either by day or night. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)