“Inside-out Boy” is a minor character from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force season 1 episode “Circus.”  While another character from the episode, Randy the Astonishing (Matt Maiellaro), is a solid candidate for a creepy character, “Inside-out Boy” is simply more magnificent and also more mysterious.  We know the character actually exists in the universe of the show (or at least existed).  However, we never really get a good look at him, which is most certainly for the best.  

How are we introduced to “Inside-out Boy”?  Well, Master Shake (Dana Snyder), through his infinite wisdom and charitable heart, decides to sell Meatwad (Dave Willis) to a circus.  Hosted (and presumably managed) by a barely-concealed alien named Randy the Astonishing, the circus ends up being fairly successful due to Meatwad’s act.  Basically, the crowd is entertained, if not enthralled, by Meatwad’s standard shapeshifting abilities.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force seems to have killed “Inside-out Boy”

Master Shake is not to be trusted, although he performs a number of jokes and thinks he is smarter than Batman. In fact, his ending joke in this very episode is that he somehow mistook Inside-out Boy for a cherry cobbler and gobbled him up in a bathtub!  You might simply say “What?!” to that as if you are offended. However, let’s not forget that Master Shake has to eat, too. And, honestly, here’s a tip to any outsiders looking in on Master Shake’s misdeeds with disapproval: Judge not lest ye be judged.

Inside-out Boy is a true anomaly, and if you were to find him in an unconscious state, who is to properly identify what he even is? Right? Master Shake’s devouring of the poor fella is nightmarish, but no more so than so many other aspects of the Aqua Teen extended universe. In fact, Meatwad arguably creates more nightmarish moments for Santa Claus in the episode “T-Shirt of the Living Dead,” and one might Shake was merely accidentally putting Inside-out Boy out of his inside-out misery.

Could Inside-out Boy Return?

Obviously, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force series regularly defies logic and continuity, so it doesn’t seem necessary to absolutely rule out the return of this side character, should the series make a triumphant return and revitalize such characters. Besides, if someone is twisted enough, they might think of some Inside-out Boy fan fiction. If nothing else, I can imagine a scenario where Meatwad decides to become a “holiday elf”, or something like that.

Inside-out Boy could maybe return as a classic Christmas character, sort of like South Park’s Mr. Hanky. Or, at the very least, how about a delightfully gross prank moment where Inside-out Boy becomes someone’s stocking stuffer? Or how about the superhero route? Obviously, it would be a zany premise for an Inside-out boy to have a “normal” identity like Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent, only to become some masked, mysterious, hideous fighter of crime at night.

In fact, why not make it an entire spin-off series (other than studio execs, fans, and advertisers being lame, of course)? Other ideas: The character could have a talk show, Space Ghost-style, or maybe play pranks on unsuspecting citizens. The possibilities seem almost limitless, as with the gross-out potential!

What are your thoughts on this classic Aqua Teen Hunger Force character? Spill your guts in the comments!

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