Ah, the suburbs. It’s paradise, the American Dream. A whole community of families to fit right into. Kids, moms, dads. All part of one big, suffocating, strangling neighborhood watching out for each other. 

It’s an actual nightmare.

Dexter’s doing his best to fit in to this hell of normality. But it’s getting to him. And, as usual, this isn’t the only issue. Rita’s not letting him drive anywhere since his concussion. So he has no time at all to himself. And now, some punk is running around the neighborhood committing petty crimes. This results in a neighborhood watch, which is cramping Dexter’s style.

Meanwhile, the Trinity Killer has committed his next murder. He forced a young mother to throw herself off a building. This is unquestioningly evil, but it’s also brilliant. The cops, including Deb and Quinn, can’t decide if it’s even a murder. Lundy, of course, has seen this before. And his struggle with this case has always been getting people to believe him.

Dexter believes him. And far from being concerned about another serial killer in his territory, he’s impressed. He’s curious. You’d think after what happened with the Ice Truck Killer, he’d know better.

The theme of this episode seems to be, ‘let’s all see how many dumb decisions we can cram in before one of us dies.’ Deb is getting drinks with Lundy and lying to Anton about it. Quinn is running his mouth to the reporter he’s seeing, despite being warned. And Maria, who’s been seeing Angel, is trying her hardest to talk herself out of being happy for once. 

Then there’s our main character. Dexter’s refusing to put up boundaries and treating Astor like a baby. He’s so worried about fitting in that he doesn’t realize these are struggles we all face. He thinks to himself that normal people know how to deal with teenage girls and I almost choke on my laughter. He’s harassed by co-workers during his lunch break and all I can think is can the man not get a moment’s peace? Once again, I’m forced to conclude that Dexter might never have been a killer at all if he hadn’t been told so often that he was.

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