We’re getting down to the end of this season of Dexter. So of course things are starting to heat up for everyone. We’ve got a lot to talk about in this episode, so let’s get started.

Christine’s being questioned by the police about the identity of Trinity. She’s cool as hell though, answering no questions in a way that’s going to help anyone. Anyone but herself and her awful father, that is. 

Dexter’s worried she’s going to crack though. He needs to make sure Arthur doesn’t get arrested. If he does, Dexter won’t be able to kill him. So he has to find someone to set up as being the Trinity Killer. Good thing there’s always some monster around. 

While Dexter’s trying to frame someone for Arthur’s crimes, Arthur’s looking for Dexter. Well, he’s looking for Kyle Butler. Which is, as it turns out, not that uncommon of a name. You could ask the man named Kyle Butler that Trinity found and murdered. But you can’t because he’s dead.

This is another death on Dexter’s conscience. You know, that thing he thought he didn’t have. For someone who considers himself a monster, he’s really feeling a lot of guilt.

Of course, there’s never just one thing that Dexter needs to worry about. Rita needs him to come to therapy with her because she kissed the neighbor. Dexter isn’t worried so much about this, because he’s got other things on his mind. At least it didn’t seem that way until he gets that neighbor in his sights. Then all of a sudden we’re reminded that he does love Rita and he doesn’t like it when people mess with her.

There was a bright spot in the episode. To save the department a huge PR issue regarding their relationship, Maria and Angel get married. They do it quietly, in her office, with just a judge and Dexter there. And it’s nice that we have this moment. Because the ending of the episode is pretty rough.

First, there’s Christine, who’s finally realizing something she should have known a long time ago. Her father doesn’t love her and he never will. No matter how many awful things she does to try to win his love. What she decides to do about it is dark and sad. But honestly, I don’t think her story could have ended any other way.

But that’s just the start of the craziness. Because Trinity’s tired of messing around. He’s ready to meet Kyle, meaning Dexter, face to face. 

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