This episode of Dexter was full of surprises. Most of them revolved around the characters acting, well, out of character. But the one at the end, man, that one kicks you right in the reproductives.

Let’s start with Dexter and Sargent Doakes. Doakes is still in a cage, trapped by Dexter. It’s a game of chess from two of the most devious, clever characters. Doakes is trying to escape any way he can. Dexter is always pretty sure he’s ahead of Doakes. Most of the time he is. But no one can think of anything. Like the cell phone on the table that Doakes can’t reach unless he ties his clothes together.

There are moments in this episode where Doakes and Dexter seem to be bonding. They both have points of view that maybe the other one needs to hear. Doakes needs to see that he takes lives on the force, probably more than he should be comfortable with. In his way, he’s as much of a killer as Dexter. Dexter, on the other hand, has to come to grips with his moral code. But it’s not his code, is it? It’s Harry’s code. And Harry isn’t around to help Dexter figure out what to do when two parts of the code are mutually exclusive.

While Doakes is trapped in a cabin in the swamp, Dexter takes a weekend trip to the beach with Rita, Angel, and the kids. Angel’s such a good dad. He turns down several attempts of Lila’s to inflict herself in the weekend, always as polite as possible. See, Angel’s a smart guy. He knows the difference between a woman you introduce to your kid and a woman you don’t. That’s not to say he’s anything less than a gentleman. He just has clear boundaries regarding his daughter. As he should.

Of course, Lila’s gonna Lila. She picks up some roofies before a date night with Lila. At first, I was sure she got them to mess poor Angel up, then mess him up some more.

At first. 

Finally, though, let’s talk about Dexter and Harry. Why isn’t Harry around? There was some vague insinuation that he had a heart attack. But did he?

Seriously, did he? There’s a big reveal at the end of the episode, but I don’t know if I believe it. Dexter learns something from Captain Matthews, who was a lieutenant when Harry was a detective. But this is one of the great moments in a show with multiple points of view. I don’t know that I believe a damned word Captain Matthews says. Not after how he treated LaGuerta and Esmee.

But Dexter doesn’t know that. He only knows that Matthews was a friend of his father’s, the sainted Harry. 

The problem is, Harry was no saint. 

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