I can admit that by this time of the Christmas Season I have usually watched several versions of A Christmas Carol. From Mickey Mouses’ to Albert Finney, I get a wide range of versions watched. This year, I’m a bit behind and can think of only the classic Alastair Sim version having graced my screen.

That is why I was all too ready to see the FX versions of this classic tale. Not only is it a new version, but it appears darker than telling before it. I will tell you now, that it didn’t disappoint.

Guy Pearce delivers a powerful role that brings the idea of Scrooge to a new level of low. Not simply a miser, this Ebenezer Scrooge is inhuman. In his pursuit of wealth, his actions show that he no longer looks at the men and women around him as anything more than a means to gain.

The extended telling of Scrooge’s Past which makes up the second chapter (The Human Heart) is my favorite part. While Andy Serkis is the true face of the Ghost of Christmas Past, others round out this chapter. Kayvon Novak, who plays Ali Baba, leads Scrooge through his past at the boarding school. Johnny Harris, who plays Scrooge’s father, shows the audience the monster that formed Scrooge.

Content Warning!

I do want to be frank that there are some hard subjects in this series. If the idea of sexual abuse toward women and children is hard to deal with, consider passing on this version.

FX’s A Christmas Carol in Review…

If you are looking for a new version of A Christmas Carol or are looking for a dark holiday movie, this telling will be worth the three hours to watch it. As an extra note, watch all the way to the end. I wonder if this ties into the Taboo world…

I give FX’s A Christmas Carol 4 out of 5 Cthulhus. The few attempts at humor fell flat and the use of CGI creations (the bell, mouse, etc.) were noticeably low quality.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)