Don Dohler’s Galaxy Invader is far from a nuanced film, yet I like it. Its main villain, Joe Montague (Richard Ruxton), is nothing but a terrible redneck stereotype. Constantly drunk and abusive to his wife and daughters, there’s pretty much nothing decent about him. Still, it’s easy to see why the film spends so much time with him. It’s like an exploration of how far his one-dimensional nature can be stretched., before it reaches some breaking point.

The thing is, there really are Joe Montagues out there. I’ve seen them, talked with them, possibly even had lunch with them at work. In other words, when I call him a “one-dimensional” character, I’m not even saying he’s entirely unrealistic. My favorite Joe quote is, “I’m as nervous as a hog on a grill!” We’ve all been there, right, folks?

The Other Monster (I Mean the Space Alien)

Aside from at least one interesting character like Joe, it’s imperative for a film like this to actually have a Galaxy Invader. Sure enough, the alien is played by Glenn Barnes. Appearance-wise, I’d say the Invader looks like a low-rent Swamp Thing mated with The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Despite being capable of murder, it’s not easy to say the creature is pure evil. In fact, I would hesitate to call it an invader, as opposed to a large pest. Either way, the creature is hardly worse than Joe and his redneck cohorts, who are trying to capture it and get a reward. They’re also loving this glowing orb that the creature let them steal. As they track the Invader down, they also fall prey to in-fighting.

That’s basically all this movie entails, really. You have the alien, Joe and his family, Joe’s redneck posse, and the hole in Joe’s shirt. Being a low-budget production, the action is a bit limited here. Still, if you ask me, the real star will always be Joe. Yes, sometimes the pulse of a movie is an utter sleazeball. Perhaps this film is enjoyable due to its ragged simplicity.

Although I first watched it with Rifftrax commentary, I’m certain I could enjoy it on its own. It’s a cheesy sci-fi monster movie that you may not like, but you’ll probably occasionally remember. Galaxy Invader also stars Faye Tilles as Carol Montague, George Stover as J.J. Montague, Greg Dohler as David Harmon, Ann Firth as Ethel Montague, Don Leifert as Frank Custer.

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