Keep pushing the envelope.
Meet your childhood idols.
Make the friends you want.
Stick by your people.

Keep pushing the envelope.
Take pseudonyms.
Be Ann Gora or Akdov Telmig.
Go out as Shirley.

Keep pushing the envelope.
Wear what you want.
Enjoy the angora.
Be yourself.

Keep pushing the envelope.
Embrace the unusual.
Reconsider erotica.
Ignore the taboos.

Keep pushing the envelope.
Make the movies you want.
Be the best “worst director”.
Become a cult classic.

Remembering Ed Wood, 1924 – 1978

Image of Ed Wood as Glenda from Glen or Glenda, colorized with pink angora sweater and halo, blonde wig and matching makeup, smiling at the viewer. Glenda has full rainbow angel wings and stands in front of a stark greyscale sky as if bringing light and color to the world.

Portrait of myself with dark makeup and crow skull headdress, backlit by the sun.
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Jennifer Weigel is a multi-disciplinary mixed media conceptual artist residing in Kansas USA. Weigel utilizes a wide range of media to convey her ideas, including assemblage, drawing, fibers, installation, jewelry, painting, performance, photography, sculpture, video and writing. You can find more of her work at:

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