On the ninth day of murder house, we’ll be slaughtered by…

The actual Black Daliah

Two broken babies

A damaged teen school shooter

An emotionally broken girlfriend

Two fighting boyfriends

One crying socialite 

One maid of fury

Two nursing students

A pair of tragic blond twins

And a freak in a leather mask

AHS has a history of evolving into a new story every year. Actors put on new names and become different people. Good people become monsters. Heroes become villains and vice versa. But if you watch carefully, you start seeing through lines. You see continued visuals, motifs.

And sometimes they explain a whole future season in a sentence. 

But we’ll get to that eventually, Killer Queens. Today, we’re still in the Murder House. 

Stuck in the house, Ben is having a bad time. He’s seeing things. Though, I will grant that a lot of what he’s seeing is Moira and the Black Daliah sexing it up on his sofa. 

Moira seems determined to seduce Ben through all this. I think it’s because she wants to prove that he’s just as bad as he’s ever been. But she’s not the only one sexually harassing people in this episode. Hayden just can’t stop seducing guys. This time, it’s Constance’s dog walker/boy toy. I have no idea what she’s doing this for. I don’t know what her end game is. She knows she’s dead, right?

Poor Vivian is still in the psych ward. She’s not in a good place, but at least she’s out of the house. Still, she’s not exactly thrilled about being there. Even less so when Constance visits her. Constance wants to see how she’s feeling. Vivian is, after all, carrying her grandchild.

The grandchild that got there, by the way, because Tate raped Vivian. Tate the ghost. 

How did a ghost get a live woman pregnant? Weird, right? 

Everyone seems to be going off the rails here. No one at this point is making good choices. Except for, near the end, Ben. As Ben starts to put things together and experience things in the house that he cannot explain, he realizes that Vivian never cheated on him. He realizes that she was raped.

And Moira congratulates him for seeing the house, and her, as they really are. 

We’re getting close to the end here, Killer Queens. Things are just going to get more wild from here. We’ll see you again on Sunday. 

And in case you missed the news, American Horror Stories is premiering in July on Hulu and Fox. I’ll be taking over the Haunted MTL Twitter feed to live tweet during the show if you want to have a few drinks and a virtual hang out. See you then.

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