Hellraiser. This movie made me love the bad guys. Tell me you didn’t cheer for the Cenobites. Tell me that you actually liked the vacant headed heroine of the movie. This movie, quite simply, builds like a great orgasm. Okay, so not that intense. But the image is there. The image and the use of bodily fluids are quite prevalent in the movie. The story is a morality tale with a slight twist. The twist is–we start to want the people to get punished. They are representatives of the human race and, yet, we want them to be destroyed. We want them to be consumed. This isn’t because the story isn’t strong (it is), or because the characters aren’t likeable (they are) but because the Cenobites are so fricken cool and a total embodiment of the taboo that we want them to win.  We want them to win because we don’t want them to leave our sight.

There might be some sort of comfort to know that there is an order–even in Hell and even if it is the Order of the Gash.

If you haven’t read the book that the story is based (The Hellbound Heart) then you really need to pick it up. Clive Barker is a masterful story teller. He is simple. Direct. Dark. Having his words for this story come off the page is a real treat for me as a writer. I grew up watching the movie (and grew up a few yards from where the Hellraisers are filmed), but it is the story and style of Clive Barker that really pushes this through.

Yes, I know. I usually leave you with the trailer to the film. This time…Let’s just say I love Ozzy and Motorhead.



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