After a relatively engaging pilot episode, we are taking a look at the second instalment of the I Know What You Did Last Summer TV show and how it continues to explore the mystery. 


We pick up immediately where the last episode cut off: ‘Lennon’ finding a severed ram’s head in her wardrobe. As any teenager in a slasher series would do, she chooses to hide the unwanted ‘present’ from her dad. 

Speaking of Bruce, it is revealed that he knows the truth. Not only that, but he was the one who encouraged Alison to play along with taking her sister’s identity. Bruce’s reasoning? Because he didn’t want to lose both daughters at once. While somewhat understandable from a grieving father’s point of view, also, what the hell? Not a great example to set for your remaining child. 

Four teenagers are walking down a small flight of stairs. A blonde girl is talking to brunette guy while a black-haired girl is trying to speak to a curly-haired girl just behind them. They're all wearing summer outfits.
We look like a stock photo for campy teengagers (source:

Alison is trying to keep up Lennon persona while meeting up with her friends (who frankly, I cannot tell apart just yet). Overall, she is not doing amazing. Even though ‘her’ friends cannot possibly know the truth, they can sense something is wrong with the former party girl. 

The climax of the episode occurs when Johnny, one of the friends, finds his boyfriend attacked in the school gym. While trying to save him, Johnny gets brutally murdered, video of the ordeal sent to the group. Alison is the one who finds Johnny’s decapitated head in the middle of the road, planted mercilessly by the killer. 


This I Know What You Did Last Summer episode is what I can only describe as a weird middle ground between an exposition dump and where the action can truly begin. It tries to build suspense within the universe of the show because we as the audience know that Alison is pretending to be her sister but have to watch and debate when the characters will figure it out. 

Ironically, Jason was the only person who picked up on Alison’s smoking habit and pointed it out. Now that he bit the dust, it makes one wonder, is this killer figure trying to protect Alison, and if so, why? At the moment, there aren’t many hints of who the person could be but that’s what the rest of the episodes are for and it has caught my curiosity for sure.