Keep Watching (2017) Trailer

The Discovery…

So, picture a Wednesday night by yourself. You’re on the road and you don’t really have the energy to go out after your day of work and you still have work tomorrow. Your room has almost every channel you can think of so you start scrolling through the endless list of movie networks.

You land on an odd looking news report. A family has been murdered and it was all caught on tape. Not only is it all on tape but the series of murders was streamed over the internet. Those being interviewed having watched the murderstalk about how they, “Just kept watching” and “I needed to see how it ended”. Then you hear that one of the family members is still missing.

That’s when you realize, amid your takeout daze, that this is a movie. You figure if the intro got you this far maybe you’ll just keep watching. What follows leaves you questioning your fellow humans. Not because you question who could make a movie like this but who actually went to the theater and contributed to the $94,178 this made at the box office?

Spoiler-free zone…

That’s right! Someone might actually want to see this. I don’t know who! I don’t know why! But to give you the chance to hate it as much as I did, I’ll keep this spoiler free.

From the trailer you’ll see that this movie is done through planted camera throughout the house. This is probably one of the most awkward aspects of the movie because as the movie goes on, there are better and better angles which could only mean the killer either went way overboard in placement or is planting them as the killing is occurring. You will see that some of the camera placements are really convenient, like bathroom shots that just so happen to have the sink handle censor any naughty bits.

The idea is that the killer has placed cameras around this family’s house to show off a game. As seen in the trailer, the killer claims to do it because, “It’s fun.” There is only one rule and that’s Kill or Be Killed which can be seen in the trailer at minute 1:51. With various weapons “gifted” around the house, the family is expected to kill to save themselves.

Keep Watching in Review…

I couldn’t get past the idea that this was a worse version of the Saw movies. The acting is pretty terrible considering the situation the family is supposed to be in. Bella Throne plays the part of the whiny, self indulgent teen very well and the performance is pretty grating. There are also bits of dialogue that feel like filler and play no long term part in the movie (you’ll know it when you hear it).

I honestly don’t know why I sat through it. Maybe it’s because I follow directions pretty well and I decided to just “Keep Watching”. Maybe I did it for you so you wouldn’t have to watch it. Either way, save yourself. Trust me when I say that there is nothing entertaining about watching Michael Myers kill multiple people with a trash bag through an iPhone.

Keep Watching gets 1 out of 5 Cthulhus for just failing to be entertaining in any way shape or form.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)