In today’s installment of the Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror,” various horror and science fiction tropes are used, including the good/evil twin dichotomy and alien abductions.

“The Thing and I”

Bart, Lisa and Maggie hear something that sounds like a monster in the attic. When they do some investigating, they discover a creature who looks exactly like Bart. Turns out, this is Bart’s evil twin, Hugo. The boys were conjoined at birth, but Hugo was a bit of a demon. The only solution anyone could come up with was to surgically separate the boys and lock Hugo in the attic. You can probably guess the twist of this episode, but I won’t spoil it for you. All I will say is if your parents lock you in an attic and feed you fish once a week because a doctor told them to, you might have or be an evil twin.

“The Genesis Tub”

Lisa created life for the school science fair, and what an advanced species of beings she made! In days they go from the Paleolithic Era to creating technology more advanced than anything humans have done. She is quite literally these people’s God, meanwhile Bart is their Devil.

“Citizen Kang”

Kang and Kodos make brief appearances in every “Treehouse of Horror” episode, but they were the stars of “Citizen Kang.” Right when Homer catches the biggest fish he has ever seen, the extraterrestrial duo kidnaps him and demands Homer to take them to Earth’s leader. The first thing that comes to Mr. Simpson’s mind are presidential candidates Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. Hang and Kodos disguise themselves as the politicians, anticipating this golden opportunity to finally take over the world.

The Verdict

“The Thing and I” and “The Genesis Tub” both had great potential, the latter pulling inspiration from the Twilight Zone episode “The Little People.” But both of their endings were lackluster, almost as if the stories grew bored with themselves. “Citizen Kang,” however, held its own from start to finish. Election years can be an individual genre of horror, and this episode released at the perfect time: October 27, just a week before the 1996 election. The political jokes hit a little too close to home right now (at least for those of us in the United States), but they are also much needed pallet cleansers.

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