The final film of the Red Christmas event was the gloriously insane Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, and before we go any further… well, we know what you are really here for.

Ah yes, that hits the spot.

While Jack Frost was probably the best film of the night and collectively perfect as some Drive-In fodder, I hold a special place in my heart for Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. It felt like a perfect culmination for the evening’s festivities, and that’s not counting the fun Joe Bob breaks.

Plus, Darcy gets pierced by Reindeer antlers!

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

Opening Rant: Giving the screwups in our lives another chance.

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is a mess of a movie composed of about 1/3 of reused footage from the first film. It’s not great, but there is a gleefully manic energy to the whole affair that makes it quite an enjoyable aberration.

String up the lights this Christmas!

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 was the 1987 budget sequel to the 1984 original film. It follows the life and killing-spree of Ricky Caldwell, the brother of Billy Chapman, in the first film. Both kids were triggered to kill by the murder of their parents by a man dressed as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The film uses a combination of archival flashbacks and some newer, specially shot material, to try to forge a cohesive narrative.

As for the need-to-know material, the film was written, edited, and directed by Lee Harry. Joseph H. Earle is credited as a co-writer. In actuality, though, the film claims 8 writers to write around 40 minutes of existing footage. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 stars Eric Freeman, James L. Newman, Elizabeth Kaitan. It also has Linnea Quigley around in the archival footage.


Drive-In Fashion Show: Tandem costume with skimpy Darcy and Santa Joe Bob!

Joe Bob pretty fair with Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, giving it only three stars. To a degree, that makes a lot of sense. It’s not really a movie, but more of a clip show with a framing device. That being said, despite how much of a mess this movie is, it is incredibly fun. Everything is insane and hammy. Even some of the stories surrounding the film are crazy.

Did you know the film has a connection to the Menendez Brothers? Yes, those Menendez Brothers. Joe Bob sure does.

Ho ho… oh no!

The wrapping to this glorious present comes with the resolution of Joe Bob’s lonely Christmas and the recreation of the Linnea Quigley death from the original Silent Night, Deadly Night. It’s actually pretty wholesome given the subject matter. Of course, John Brennan came out to serenade us with another song as well. Hopefully, more musical numbers lie in store for season 2 of the show.

As fun and memetic as Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 was, it does have some fundamental problems. It makes very little sense. It’s just bad, but… also good. It’s just so freaking fun it’s hard not to give it three stars. At a basic level, if you are enjoying something that matters most of all, right? Just stick around for the bonkers conclusion involving a wheelchair-bound nun.

Best Line: “GARBAGE DAY!” – Ricky

When it’s Garbage Day and you have some people to trash.

Haunted MTL Drive-In Totals

As always, we turn to Shudder for those official totals.

  • 2 Original Songs
  • 4 Axes
  • 8 Writing Credits
  • 130 Eyebrow Raises
  • Meme-Making
  • Incel Taunting
  • Movie Rehashing
  • Keytar Playing
  • Antler Fu
  • Wheelchair Fu
  • Hamburger Nun

We can’t show the reindeer pasties here, so enjoy this tasteful example of Noh Theater.

The best moment of the night came just before the big impalement payoff for the night. Joe Bob and Darcy each shared some very touching stories about Christmas. They’re sad stories, as Christmas can be a sad time, but they were also wonderfully empowering.

I am looking forward to season 2 of The Last Drive-In, not just because of some wacky horror movies, but to enjoy a larger sense of community. So, I guess we’ll meet again when season 2 lands!

That being said, I believe I am going to change up the format of this series when the show comes back. What have been your favorite elements of these features? We’ve done a lot of them, after all. Let us know what works.

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