Lately, cinema has been lacking…

in its ability to deliver a fresh, never before seen film, that focuses on mystery and murder. Knives Out, the whodunit mystery slated to be released on Thanksgiving Day, steps up to the plate to fill that void.

            In the cutthroat film (just as the title states) a patriarch of a family, Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) unexpectedly commits suicide directly following his birthday party. At first, the film presents itself as a classic murder mystery in which every family member seems guilty due do their desire to gain the late Harlan’s inheritance. But this film is much more than that. In fact, we find out less than half-way through exactly who and how Harlan died.

            This is a risky move.

It means that you have to keep your audience gripped in the story in another way. In this case, Johnson does so with his main character: Marta (Ana de Armas). Marta is a young woman hired by Harlan to be his in-home nurse, but she also provides him with everyday comforts like playing Go and listening to his concerns revolving around his children. Now, Marta is a good nurse. She works hard to provide for her immigrant family as her mother is not in the states legally. But when Marta accidently mixes up Harlan’s medication, the pair come up with a cover story in order to protect her family. The rest of the movie unfolds in classic mystery fashion, revealing that although Harlan’s death may seem like an open and shut case, nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to a family greed.

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The Thrombey Family

            Knives Out not only provides a new take at the genre, but it also explores the dirty side of family dynamics, especially that in a rich family with a bunch of entitled children. The star-studded cast (Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon—to name a few) are all fighting for what they believe is their birth right. This film not only provides mystery and intrigue, but also comments on greed that surrounds a family when a loved one dies and how families tend to only gather in full for either a funeral or a wedding.

            An enjoyable, and original film Knives Out is sure to add flavor to the table on Thanksgiving Day, and surely should not be missed.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)