Await Further Instructions is 2018 mystery/horror film directed by Johnny Kevorkian. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

A broken family comes together for Christmas only to undergo a series of events to put you right off your Christmas turkey. Await Further Instructions is a strange one and one that was recommended to me by my partner after watching it on Netflix before I managed to sink my teeth into it. With its heavily British style of filming and acting, Await Further Instruction is both enjoyable and disappointing.

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Let’s start with the not no so good bits. I feel as if the majority of the characters are largely underdeveloped and the plot weak. There are a lot of unanswered questions once the movie has ended, mainly what the fuck was the thing doing all the killing? Apart from a few bad acting skills and a very confined plot, the film overall is not a bad watch.

The cinematography is very weak but with the film being low budget it makes up in creativity. There are many uncomfortable scenes in this movie, there are a few gory moments which I appreciated. The film itself is simple yet effective, an approach that I am heavily fond of when it comes to horror. In my opinion, I think Await Further Instructions has its own originality when it comes to the horror genre although it definitely could have done with some work.


Saying that I enjoyed the concept very much. Being trapped inside of your home by a force that you know nothing about is pretty disturbing and warrants a good enough reason to watch the film in the first place.  However, it was the climax of the film that finally saw some action happening. I can’t say that the film had me gripping at my seat in white knuckle terror as I would be lying but what I can is; that it caught my attention. Await Further Instructions is a rather slow burn horror film as it takes a while for any plot to be established. Even though there was little to work with as in regards to the story the writers and directors worked well with what they had and churned out a mediocre horror.

If you’re looking for a quick horror fix then I recommend Await Further Instructions, that, and the simple fact it features Game Of Thrones’ Walder Frey (David Bradley) as another grumpy old man!